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Writers Wanted – New Community Website

I’ve been working for several months now on a web project for the community. It’s a social network of sorts, but the staple content revolves around blogs that focus on Simi Valley. I’m looking for interested writers for the following … Continue reading

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Greg Stratton Speaks!

Last week, I read an article describing Debbie Sandland as being “visibly perturbed” about being passed up for the nomination of school board president.  Evidently, there’s an unwritten rule among trustees that the previous year’s clerk be nominated as the … Continue reading

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Saperstein Donates – Wants Commercial Rezoning

David Saperstein donated some dollars to the Miller and Sojka campaigns this election cycle. Of course, these were considered “bundled” donations, meaning they exceeded campaign donation limits but were donated under the names of multiple family members, each at the … Continue reading

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Daniel Jenkins Strikes Back!

Daniel Jenkins, former Simi Valley City Councilmember candidate, has plenty to say about Barbra Williamson’s desire to speak out as a citizen on future planning issues. He writes the following to the Simi Valley Acorn. We have in this great … Continue reading

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Williamson’s Finance Proposal

Although I definitely had a hard time recovering what ultimately became VERY corrupted video files, I did manage to capture what I found to be a fascinating proposal by Barbra Williamson on campaign finance reform. Barbra has an idea and … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance Excitement

Just to be clear, here are my thoughts on the Simi Valley City Council Campaign Finance questions that have come to light recently.  When asked, I’ll usually quickly answer that the best way to bring any questions to a close … Continue reading

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Candlelight Nightclub Incident

A video summary of the Candlelight Nightclub discussion at City Hall. Similar content available at

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Barbra Williamson’s Campaign Financing

I was surprised this morning to read in the Simi Valley Acorn about the Barbra Williamson Campaign Finance issue.  I assumed the Ventura County Star had a bone to pick which is why the Acorn was leaving the story alone. … Continue reading

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