Michelle Foster’s Campaign Website is Live

Michelle Foster, Simi Valley

Michelle Foster, Simi Valley City Councilwoman

Michelle Foster is seeking another four years on the Simi Valley City Council and her campaign has begun with a brand new website at www.reelectmichellefoster.com and a Facebook page. Like Glen Becerra, Michelle Foster is a well-liked and well supported incumbent who, in my novice opinion, stands a strong chance of being reelected.

I’ve been fortunate to have a handful of conversations with many of the City Councilmembers, but I have rarely crossed paths with Michelle Foster.  I both attend and watch City Council meetings online and I believe Foster serves the community well.  I would prefer that Simi Valley opted for special elections to fill vacant Council seats, but I’m glad they appointed her (she was appointed when Mayor Miller’s seat was opened when he was elected Mayor and she has since been reelected by voters).

I’m curious to know others’ thoughts on Michelle Foster and hope to have an opportunity to speak to her before election day.

Find out more about Michelle Foster’s campaign, read the latest news and announcements and find out about campaign events at www.reelectmichellefoster.com.

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