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Business Challenges in Simi Valley

It’s been referred to in letters to the editor, comments on this blog and Brian Dennert’s, as well as comments on the Ventura County Star. Depending on the nature of your business, moving shop to Simi Valley can be a … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Challengers

To the Simi Valley City Council Challengers: Times are changing and technology now allows you to reach out to a much greater audience. Simi Valley voters are interested in who you are and what you’re about. Some of you will … Continue reading

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No Candidate Campaign Disclosures Public Yet?

Two years ago, the city of Simi Valley promptly published candidate campaign disclosure statements on the city website. The information was fascinating, to say the least. Not to mention the fact that it raised a lot of questions about campaign … Continue reading

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Political Appointments in Simi Valley Should End

Both Michelle Foster and Steve Sojka were appointed to the Simi Valley City Council to fill empty seats outside of an election cycle. I have nothing against Michelle Foster or Steve Sojka and believe both have served the community well. … Continue reading

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Shop Simi Valley Campaign Working?

Two years ago, I was critical of the annual budget of $100,000 allocated to the Shop Simi Valley First campaign. To me, it seemed like an extreme amount of money on a campaign whose results are near impossible to measure. … Continue reading

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New Bob Huber for Mayor Video

I’ll probably take heat for saying it, but this is a quality video from the Huber for Mayor camp. Cheers to the Huber Team for a job well done! Share your thoughts! Congressman Gallegly makes an appearance at the end.

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Glen Becerra at Governor’s Roundtable

Becerra shares City’s experience of Union and Management working together for pension reform Pension reform is a term voters will hear much about in the months ahead. Government agencies in California, from the State on down to the cities and … Continue reading

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Keith Mashburn’s Letter

Keith Mashburn recently had a letter to the editor published in the Simi Valley Acorn, but it was edited to make room for others. He asked that I publish the letter in its entirety here. Please read it over and … Continue reading

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