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Huber Sign Stakeout Gone Awry

For months, we’ve heard stories about lost campaign signs with some subtle and some not so subtle finger pointing toward the supporters of opposing campaigns. Last week, I posted an article about a property manager taking down Bob Huber’s signs … Continue reading

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Huber Didn’t Do It

Even though I’ve been on the receiving end of venomous badgering by Huber supporters, I do feel inclined to answer those who have submitted links to the Ventura County Star article regarding Russell Takasugi who works with Bob Huber. Huber … Continue reading

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Mitch Green Endorsement

Earlier, Candidate for Simi Valley City Council Mitch Green announced that his new yard signs were available at the Simi Valley/Moorpark Democratic HQ on Cochran Street. I stopped by to see his new signs and to chat with him. Mitch … Continue reading

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Fun with Comments

With the recent announcement that my comments section has been grossly tainted by a hearty astroturfing effort, the most frequently asked questions I get these days are “Who is ‘Sedell soldier’?” and “What are all their real names?” I think … Continue reading

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Mitch Green States His Case

I overlooked the Simi Valley Acorn article regarding Mitch Green, Candidate for Simi Valley City Council, so I’d like to mention it this morning. I first met Mitch Green at the Simi Valley Sunrise Rotary Club several weeks ago and … Continue reading

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Grassroots or Astroturf?

I get a lot of comments. A lot. If you’ve ever been suspicious about the authenticity of my comments, your concern is legitimate. I’m a software programmer by trade. I am able to extend the software platform on which this … Continue reading

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Permission for Campaign Signs

I’ve said before that I love campaign sign season. This election will probably undo that for me. This morning, a property owner was quoted saying this in a letter to the editor of the Ventura County Star: As a property … Continue reading

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Josie Hirsch Campaign Picks Up Momentum

Josie Hirsch is running for Simi Valley School Board, but not as an incumbent. She would be a newcomer to the board, so she is working hard to reach out and make her presence and her positions known. She has … Continue reading

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