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Randy Nemecek on Simi Valley’s Online Image

Simi Valley City Council Candidate Randy Nemecek was at City Hall this past Monday. He spoke during the public comments section to discuss the importance of Simi Valley’s online image. To see his presentation, watch the video below.

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Mashburn on Crime in Simi Valley

Keith Mashburn, Candidate for Simi Valley City Council, had something to say about crime, drugs and prostitution in Simi Valley on his campaign website, which became a source for discussion in the online forums. Keith isn’t backing down. He released his latest statement on his campaign platform, specifically targeting his concerns on crime. As follows… Continue reading

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Keith Mashburn – Simi Valley Days

I had an opportunity to meet Keith Mashburn during the last election. Both he and his wife are two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. He cares deeply for Simi Valley and it shows when you talk to him. … Continue reading

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Simi Valley Political Sign Drama

Sometimes, not sharing the details does more to stir the rumor mill than simply naming names and telling the truth. Take the latest in Simi Valley political sign gossip: After Ken Sandberg, candidate for Simi Valley Mayor made that remark, … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Ken Sandberg?

Candidate for Mayor, Ken Sandberg, is nowhere to be found. I was following a discussion thread the other day on Facebook where more than one person were wondering where he was. Evidently, his website hasn’t been updated recently and he … Continue reading

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Candidates and the Simi Valley Chamber

When I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, I appreciated hearing from the Candidates both for School Board and for Simi Valley City Council. Some candidates joined the Chamber and attended their monthly events, including the popular Friday … Continue reading

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Mashburn and Simi Valley Businesses

Keith Mashburn doesn’t believe that Simi Valley is business friendly. I have heard of several concerns over the past several years, most of those have been specific to the permitting processes. In the video below, Keith Mashburn identifies the problem … Continue reading

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Shannon’s Simi Chamber Presentation

For a more pleasant City Hall video, see the one below. This video is of Tim Shannon’s presentation to the City Council on the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce’s mission. This presentation was inspired by questions raised regarding the renewal … Continue reading

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