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Lawsuit fizzles

There’s not a whole lot about the complicated legal process regarding the robocall suit that I feel I have a firm grasp on. I will say that I was hoping the identities of the robocallers would be confirmed on the … Continue reading

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You’ve Been Dying to Hear, And I’ve Been Dying to Tell . . .

[ . . ., but sometimes things prevent us from speaking out. Like client confidentialities, not wanting to upset the judge, things like that. But as you may have heard, the quest for the identity of the Robocall perpetrators has … Continue reading

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Candidate Halub Turns Over a New Leaf?

Ordinarily, the election cycle means that you can count on outrageous commentary from City Council Candidate Eric Halub. In the past, Mr. Halub has served as a convenient proxy for those wishing to disseminate dirty commentary on one’s political opponents … Continue reading

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Thank You to Scott Blough

I have been determined to keep my children in private school, but after some recent personal challenges with my Kindergarten aged son, looking at alternatives became necessary. That is a scary notion with all of the school district headlines. I … Continue reading

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