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Why I Support Scott Blough

I’m not in the business of editing or censoring Mitch’s articles (the adjustments marked “Editor’s Note” in his previous article are not my edits). But we differ on our positions on Scott Blough’s candidacy and I would like to share … Continue reading

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Lucy and Charlie Brown, Not Necessarily A Love Story

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a touch quiet of late with my writing, but things are now resolved. By that I mean the robocall lawsuits stemming from the dirty politics of 2012 have been settled and put to rest. … Continue reading

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The Barbra Williamson Mistake

Debbie Thomas, Paula Cornell and Judy Pepiot have chosen to rescind their endorsement of Barbra Williamson. They are planning to mail a letter to Simi Valley women who previously received their first letter of endorsement. What follows is the text of … Continue reading

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Women Displeased With Barbra Williamson

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Women of Simi Valley Disgusted with Barbra Williamson’s Vicious Tactics Simi Valley, CA (Oct. 30, 2014): Last month, Paula Cornell, Judy Pepiot and Debbie Thomas sent a letter to the women of Simi Valley urging them to … Continue reading

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Local Campaigning is Dramatic Everywhere

…not just in Simi Valley. I’m almost relieved! At SCVTalk, the Santa Clarita blog covering local politics, Mike Devlin has an article published about a City Council candidate playing a little dirty with some volunteers supporting another candidate. It’s nothing … Continue reading

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Williamson Supporter Slams POA

I read a lot of positive letters to the Editor of the Simi Valley Acorn this morning, along with a few negative ones.  Among the negatives was a letter from a Barbra Williamson supporter with some commentary regarding the Simi … Continue reading

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Something About Elaine Litster, Candidate for School Board

In the last few days I had the chance to meet Elaine Litster, candidate for Trustee on the Simi Valley School Board. I didn’t get to speak with her for long, but in the five minutes or so that we … Continue reading

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