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Happy Trails!

Folks, this will be my last post on It is my understanding that Mike Chandler will be taking the blog dark following the election. It has been an honor and my privilege to be able to write to you … Continue reading

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Lucy and Charlie Brown, Not Necessarily A Love Story

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a touch quiet of late with my writing, but things are now resolved. By that I mean the robocall lawsuits stemming from the dirty politics of 2012 have been settled and put to rest. … Continue reading

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Something About Elaine Litster, Candidate for School Board

In the last few days I had the chance to meet Elaine Litster, candidate for Trustee on the Simi Valley School Board. I didn’t get to speak with her for long, but in the five minutes or so that we … Continue reading

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You’ve Been Dying to Hear, And I’ve Been Dying to Tell . . .

[ . . ., but sometimes things prevent us from speaking out. Like client confidentialities, not wanting to upset the judge, things like that. But as you may have heard, the quest for the identity of the Robocall perpetrators has … Continue reading

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It’s Tuesday and I got Nuthen

It’s Tuesday and I got nuthen. Well, I got a lot I want to talk about but that has to wait until “things” become a matter of public record. Lets hope this election season says clean and fair. Otherwise I … Continue reading

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Wednesday Update

I received an e-mail from Ken Sandberg that on July 16, 2014 he pulled papers to run for Simi Valley Mayor, and on July 21 he returned his papers to the City, and on July 23 his papers were verified … Continue reading

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It’s Opinion, Baby; The Lineup; Lieutenant Gordon Tells It The Way It Was; And A Hot Time In Wine Country

As the election cycle ramps up, Vote Simi Valley comes back into its stride. And hopefully soon, full stride. While we do try our best to be factually correct and informative, always remember that this site offers up opinion, commentary … Continue reading

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Tom Foolery or Public Service? You Decide

Hello Simi Valley! It looks like the current election season began on July 14, 2014, at least for the Simi Valley City Council race, and already the muck is flying about! And who would expect anything less than dirt and … Continue reading

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