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City Public Record Act Requests

Just for the fun of it, below you will find a copy of each public record act request sent to the City of Simi Valley in the last two years.  If you feel like going on a “Where’s Waldo?” quest, … Continue reading

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A Column About Nuthin in Particular . . .

Originally posted on March 29, 2013 by Mitch Green Fridays come up so quickly sometimes that just when you think its safe, bada boom . . ., Fridays are here again. And with Friday evenings now comes this deadline thingy … Continue reading

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Full Audio – December 4 Tapo Street Grant Meeting

Today, I received a lawsuit threat from Ted Mackel for posting the article referencing the timeline of events related to the Tapo Street renovation grant dispute. Check back later for the screen capture of the lawsuit threat letter that was … Continue reading

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Redevelopment Grant Timeline of Events

The events of the Tapo Street redevelopment grant issue that have played out during the course of the last election and finally concluded with the business owner returning the grant funds involve a series of letters, information requests and other … Continue reading

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Redevelopment Grant Money Returned

Editor’s Note: This is really unfortunate in my opinion. Though it’s been stated numerous times in the press that the effort to question this grant wasn’t politically motivated, these audio segments of Tea Party leader Doug Crosse indicate that the … Continue reading

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Candidates and the Simi Valley Chamber

When I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, I appreciated hearing from the Candidates both for School Board and for Simi Valley City Council. Some candidates joined the Chamber and attended their monthly events, including the popular Friday … Continue reading

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Mashburn and Simi Valley Businesses

Keith Mashburn doesn’t believe that Simi Valley is business friendly. I have heard of several concerns over the past several years, most of those have been specific to the permitting processes. In the video below, Keith Mashburn identifies the problem … Continue reading

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Shannon’s Simi Chamber Presentation

For a more pleasant City Hall video, see the one below. This video is of Tim Shannon’s presentation to the City Council on the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce’s mission. This presentation was inspired by questions raised regarding the renewal … Continue reading

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