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Lawsuit fizzles

There’s not a whole lot about the complicated legal process regarding the robocall suit that I feel I have a firm grasp on. I will say that I was hoping the identities of the robocallers would be confirmed on the … Continue reading

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Robocall Story Moves Forward

The robocall story continues to progress, believe it or not. Of course, I’m not allowed to talk about what I know. There’s no legal obligation preventing me from talking about these discoveries, but in order to get updates I’ve been … Continue reading

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Redevelopment Grant Timeline of Events

The events of the Tapo Street redevelopment grant issue that have played out during the course of the last election and finally concluded with the business owner returning the grant funds involve a series of letters, information requests and other … Continue reading

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Sneaky Robocall the Last Straw

Robocalls and lies are a common occurance in this election. And the funny thing is the people behind them truly believe THEY are the good guys. The robocall that several Simi voters received included a distinct lie about Sojka disbanding … Continue reading

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Huber Robocalls!

Uh oh. The Facebook and blogging community is buzzing about the dreaded political “robocalls” or automated phone calls with political messages. These robocalls are coming from the Bob Huber for Mayor campaign. As you might expect, the public responses in … Continue reading

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